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Removing hair from the underarms, legs and bikini line used to leave you with few options. Shaving can leave you with razor burn and ingrown hairs and waxing appointments at the local salon can be hard on your wallet. Using the device , you can remove the hair at home through multiple tweezers that are rubbed against the skin, removing the hair from the skin for up to six weeks.

The Emjoi Soft Caress Cordless uses 36 tweezer discs to remove the hair from the skin, pulling the hair from the root for the maximum efficiency hair removal. For women with sensitive skin, this one of the only gadgets that uses hypoallergenic 24 karat gold plated tweezers to reduce irritation.

This is considered as the first choice for bikini. It’s a rechargeable unit that has good reputation and reviews on Amazon. It features 24 karat gold plated Hypoallergenic tweezers that can remove hair easily and quickly.
It’s excellent for removing hair at underarms, bikini line, legs and facial hair. It has dual speed control and easy to carry it with you while traveling.
You’ll get free Cleaning Pouch, Travel Pouch, Loofa, Instruction Booklet, Adapter and Massaging Finger Attachment with every single order of Emjoi Soft Caress .

Emjoi has created the best device that gives you a versatile way to remove hair from sensitive skin. You have the option to uses it corded, plugged into the wall or cordless to bring with you on the go.

Users have found that the tweezer discs remove the hair quickly and effectively, reducing the chances that you’re going to have to go over the same area twice while removing the hair.

More and more women are choosing Emjoi, as an alternative to leading brands. The efficient results and features of the device and the results that come from using it speak for themselves. It is one of the leading brands in hair removal technology.

Some users have found that while the device is very effective and includes patented pain reduction technology, the tweezer discs can cause a bit of discomfort on your sensitive areas. Having a hot bath before using the hair removal system can be an effective way to help reduce the pain and irritation. The heat helps to open the pores and decrease swelling and irritation.

Despite the discomfort, epilating is going to give you the best results for hair removal at-home. Epilating and waxing are both designed to remove the hair from the root – giving you a more effective way to get smoother legs.

It can be difficult to find products for sensitive skin that aren’t going to cause irritation – especially products designed for hair removal. If you have sensitive skin and don’t want to risk getting irritated by traditional metals used in other gadgets , you’re going to want to consider the gold plated tweezing discs. This way, hair can be removed from the root – in a way that’s safe for sensitive skin.

The price point, features and hypoallergenic nature of the Emjoi Soft Caress make it a clear choice for women with sensitive skin.

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