Right through history, the hair removal is a significant beautification process. The ancient societies frequently associated soft skin with a wonderful ideal of improving the appearance. Now the modern method of the hair amputation is the chemical depilatory. These depilatory is usually found in form cream, they enclose substances like calcium thioglycolate, which usually dissolves the keratin that give the hair it structure. Chemical depilatories are relatively painless on skin but relatively remain a temporary solution.

A depilatory removes unwanted hair from the body; “depilatory” in the Latin language literally means depriving of hair. Depilatory creams are usually applied with a specific tool that comes with the product, and then wiped off after 5 to 15 minutes.

How does a chemical depilatory works?

You first apply the cream on a clean body area which needs hair removal.
After being applied to the hair area, it’s left on your skin for a few minutes. Throughout this time, the depilatory cream penetrates the hair follicles in your skin, further dissolving the protein constituent.

After the cream has dissolved the protein component of the hair, the hair breaks off. Use a downward stroke with pressure using a damp washcloth or towel to wipe out the cream and the hair. After finishing, take a shower so as to wash off excess cream and hair that may be lying on the skin.

Since a depilatory has dynamic ingredients in it, there is the risk of skin irritation to sensitive skin. It is advisable to use a conditioner or a skin cream after removing the hair and taking a shower. This helps diminish any possible irritation.

How to Use Depilatory Cream

Depilatory cream is less intimidating than the waxing and usually leaves your skin less stubbly than shaving.


1. Test the cream by placing it on your elbow to be certain that you are not allergic to it.

2. Taking a hot shower opens up your hair follicles. Don’t use shower gel instead use a bar soap.

3. Apply a depilatory cream to the required area of your skin that you want the hair removed. Then wait for 5 to 15 minutes. Check instructions for a specific time duration.

4. Rinse your skin with a washcloth and warm water.

5. Rub your skin with the washcloth towards the direction that your hair grows. This helps remove the stubborn hair.

6. Take one more shower with soap and water to wash off excess cream and hair.

Tips & Warnings

Don’t use depilatory cream near your pubic area or your eyes.
If using the cream on your face, purchase milder cream specially made for the face.

Advantages of Depilatory Creams

Depilatory formula removes your hair using chemicals sodium thioglycolate and calcium thioglycolate. The chemicals dissolve the keratin in your hair and painlessly remove the hair just below your skin’s surface.

Using a depilatory cream is easy compared to shaving and waxing and it also lasts longer.
Shaving cuts your hair off at the skin level or above that if your razor is dull.
The depilatory cream usually dissolves all the hair it touches, so the end product being a very smooth finish.
Since your skin remains hairless for long, there is no need of using the depilatory cream often, meaning that you do not have to buy it as often.
A depilatory cream is easily available and inexpensive, making it economical than to shave.

New formulas of the depilatory creams are formulated to moisturize your skin as you wait for its magic work. This keeps your skin healthy and also removes dead skin layer, which exfoliates.

Depilatory creams are much easier to apply in some awkward areas like the bikini area that using a razor can be difficult because of odd angles.

Side Effects of Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams have harsh chemicals, such as calcium thioglycolate and sodium thioglycolate. Despite the fact that the creams are fairly painless way of removing hair, has irritating effect on sensitive skin.
Depilatory creams have a notorious strong smell and fittingly reek of chemicals that one can assume can burn the hair.

Solution/Prevention of side Effects

The effective way to preventing the side effects connected with the depilatory creams is to always use the product precisely as directed and in the areas which are considered safe.

It is recommended to use depilatory creams for hair removal in the bikini line, underarms and the legs. If you want a depilatory cream to remove facial hair, purchase a cream formulated specifically for hypersensitive skin.