How Long Does Hair Removal Last?


It differs from one person to another on hair growth rate. It also depends on what type of hair removal products you have used. So there is no standard answer to this question. Some people’s hair would grow faster or thicker or coarser than others. Some may get lucky to have the hair permanently removed.

If you shave the hair, how long shaving last? There is high chance that you hair will grow again after a couple of days. The hair may become darker and coarser. Just like the beard or moustache that grows on the men face. They need to shave their hair daily if they wish to maintain the clean cut look. However, if you use the hair removal cream of wax strips to remove hair, how long does hair removal last? It will definitely be longer if compared to shaving. Some people’s hair may grow again in two to three days but could be longer for some other people. How long waxing last compared to hair removal cream? The answer is still the same, it depends.

To ensure the hair removal effect will last longer, we must destroy hair follicle. Once it is destroyed, then it will take time for new hair to grow. So while you are performing the shaving, the hair follicle is still intact, only the hair above the skin is cut off. The hair follicle is still active, thus hair re-grow will be faster. If we use hair removal cream, how long does hair removal last? The hair removal cream basically contains chemicals that basically melt the hair away. This treatment is working on hair that is below the skin surface. So the hair re-grow rate will be slower.

How Long Does Hair Removal Last is Really a Big Question Mark

Then next, you might ask what about laser and electrolysis hair removal methods, how long does hair removal last? The answer is it will be much longer than using hair removal cream because these methods basically are working on attaching the hair follicles. They destroy the hair follicles ability to make hair grow. When hair grow, normally the hair will be softer. At the initial stage of treatment, there are hair follicles that are totally destroyed and some hair will still grow. So the hair will look less and thinner on you. So you need to go back for follow-up sessions to destroy the remaining hair follicles that are active until all of them are destroyed. Then only you considered that your hair is permanently removed. Otherwise, there is possibility that your hair will grow again.

So if you wish to have a smooth looking skin on legs, hands, face, armpit, bikini line or pubic area, you need to perform regular interval of hair removal session either at home or at the salon until and unless your hair follicles are destroyed. So how long does hair removal last? No one can give you the answer.

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