How To Make Your Skin Glow ?


Being told that you are ‘glowing ‘is one of the nicest compliments you can receive. Sometimes we just give off the vibe that we are feeling good and that we have been taking care of ourselves. Looking healthier will mean that we look more attractive – partly because we are programmed to find healthy individuals attractive as we think on an unconscious level that this will mean that a person is potentially better genetic material for our offspring. At the same time it means you’ll just look freer of blemishes and a better colour which of course is aesthetically pleasing.


Exfoliating is one of the best ways to make you look healthier and more attractive. If you exfoliate that means brushing away the top dead skin layers from your face usually with an exfoliating cream. This is turn then means that it is only the healthy layer of skin cells underneath that are visible and these tend to be much brighter in colour. It also creates a far more even skin tone, and a far more healthy appearance. At the same time it will also mean you are less likely to get clogged pores which can develop into spots and black heads which will look anything but glowing.

Use a self-tanning moisturiser:

A tan is also something that can give you a bit of a healthy glow. However getting a tan the ‘real’ way can be quite unhealthy and damaging to your skin at the same time as drying it out and causing problems that way. Using self tanning moisturisers can bring out your natural skin pigment to help you to become slightly more tanned whilst not just burning your skin. Use this sparingly so you look sun-kissed rather than tanned as such. Once every few days will be enough to give you that slight glow we are looking for.

Stubble can somewhat take away from that glowing complexion and make you look gruff and unkempt. Shaving regularly then is the best way to look healthy and fresh, but shaving can lead to irritation? So what can you do now? Products such a Revitol Hair Removal Cream and  Dermology Hair Removal Cream can remove hair without no irritation what so ever. After a few uses, the hair becomes thin and weak and falls out over time. So if you’re looking for permanent hair removal the trick is to be persistent.

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