Permanent Facial Hair Removal – The Best Guide


Unwanted body hair, especially in facial regions, is an embarrassing problem for many men and women. Women, especially resort to painful hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, and use of hair removal lotions. Not only are these procedures expensive, but they are also temporary.
Today, many women and men are turning to more permanent hair removal procedures. These procedures are medically sound, and approved by regulatory bodies. The two major procedures used for permanent facial hair removal are the electrolysis method and the laser method.

Permanent facial hair removal – The Electrolysis Method

The electrolysis method involves the use of a very fine probe, which is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle. A current is then passed through the probe to kill the follicle. Using electrolysis is a long-drawn and tedious method, as this process needs to be repeated for each hair follicle on the face. There are three types of electrolysis treatments available, namely galvanic, thermolysis, and blend.

Duration of Treatment: Removing facial hair through electrolysis involves multiple sessions, usually 13 to 15 sessions, spread out over several weeks. A session can last for 15 to 30 minutes.
Hair glows in stages, and during a particular visit some of the follicles may not have fully grown hair. As a result, the technician will not be able to see it. So, it is possible that a few hair follicles will go unremoved. People may need to go for additional session, after a few months or years, to remove any remaining hair follicles.

Cost of the Treatment:
Compared to the cost of other cosmetic treatments, electrolysis is quite reasonable. An electrolysis session would be charged at approximately one dollar per minute. Also, the electrolysis service provider attempts to remove as many hair follicles as possible within a single session.

Advantages and Disadvantages: The electrolysis method is the oldest and most time-tested permanent hair removal method. It is affordable, effective, and can be used for all individuals, irrespective of their skin and hair colors. It also has a much lower rate of hair regrowth, compared to other methods.
However, this method can be time consuming and painful. If the procedure is not properly done, there is a danger skin discoloration. For some people, facial hair becomes bent as result of tweezing. This can make it difficult to remove such hair follicles.

Permanent facial hair removal – Laser Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal involves the use of a hand-held laser that directs concentrated pulses of light, which destroys the dark pigment of hair. This treatment also occurs over a series sessions, with a gap of three to four weeks between each treatment session.
To prepare for this treatment, people stop removing facial hair through alternative methods, such as tweezing and threading a few months before the treatment begins.
After a treatment session, the skin appears sunburnt and the hair roots look red and swollen. This subsides within two to three days. During this period, moisturizing the skin and applying cold compresses may help in reducing the side effects. Within 10 to 20 days after the treatment, the facial hair will begin to fall.

Cost of the Treatment: A laser treatment session costs approximately 200 to 300 dollars per session. And the sessions continue till the hair growth stops.
Advantages and Disadvantages: The main advantage of laser hair removal is that it is a relatively painless procedure. Its biggest disadvantage is that it works only on people with dark hair and a light skin color. This is because laser treatment targets dark pigments. So people with dark skin can suffer from severe burns, and those with light facial hair will have poor results.

Comparing the Two Methods

Laser hair removal treatments are a much newer technology than the electrolysis method, which means that the treatment is still being perfected. Laser hair removal also requires much larger number of sessions than electrolysis, and ends up being much more expensive. Laser hair treatment is applicable only for people with dark colored hair and lighter skin, where as electrolysis treatment can be used by most people. The main attraction of laser treatment is that it is a painless procedure. While both treatments can be done at home, they are complicated cosmetic procedures. It is best to use the services of a trained professional.

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