Remington Silky and Smooth


When most people talk about hair removal, they’re talking about hair removal from the legs, the bikini line or the underarms. What people don’t mention is the area that women actually spend quite a bit of time on – the facial area.

devices can be used to trim the eyebrows and the sideburn area of the face, reducing the cost of those expensive trips to the salon. They can also be used to avoid facial hair that can occur as women age.

Whether you’re trimming the eyebrows or taking care of a stray hair here, or there – the Remington EP6025 can create smooth and hairless skin, just the way you want it. Included with the device is a bonus facial attachment, perfect for sensitive hair removal.

Remington is one of the well-known manufacturer out there in the market. This epilator is a corded use only and rechargeable. It includes 42 tweezers for faster hair removal process. It’s also one of the best choice for thick hair.
It has 2 speeds for your convenience. You’ll get a free Protective Cap and Cleaning Brush with each and every order you make. The best part is that it’s backed by a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
It’s designed to produce maximum results and mostly suitable for your legs. It’s one of the affordable hair removal out there with unlimited features.

A cordless/corded device means you’re going to be able to get smooth and hair free skin, regardless of where you are. You can bring it along on vacation in the convenient travel pouch or use it at-home. You can use it plugged into the wall or charge it for on the go hair removal.

To soothe the skin after the hair removal treatment, there are massaging fingers as part of the Remington . Designed to increase the circulation to reduce irritation and redness, the fingers are a great option for sensitive skin.

The device has a convenient on/off lock ensuring that you don’t have to hold the button while you’re using the device . This is especially helpful when using the device on larger parts of the body, like the legs, that is going to require you to use it for upwards of twenty-five minutes at a time.

Other devices come with attachments that can be used for shaving and trimming. With the Remington, you’re only going to have the epilating head, as well as the attachment designed for the face. You’re still going to have to invest in other pieces to take care of the personal grooming regimen.

If you’re going to use the device full time, as the only method of hair removal it’s easy – but if you’re looking for other methods that are devices available that come with up to five different attachments for different hair removal methods.

With smooth legs for up to six weeks using the tweezing motion, the device is a great choice to remove hair. The Remington EP6025 has high reviews and many, many women have had great experiences on their quest towards smooth skin. It’s an affordable, easy choice to get rid of body hair.

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